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HATCH Mama's Belly Oil is a quick-dry botanical oil that intensely hydrates & reduces the appearance of stretch marks and scars. Baby-safe and created with mamas-to-be in mind, it supports skin as it stretches during pregnancy and beyond, providing nutrient-rich moisture without a greasy feel. Calendula, renowned for its healing properties, soothes rashes, itch & irritation. Sweet Almond Oil, packed with Vitamin E, helps moisturize and promote regeneration. Antioxidant-rich Grapefruit Peel delivers a subtle citrusy scent.


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  • 6.6 온즈/ 195 ml
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  • Pair with a weekly Belly Mask or add a few drops in the bath alongside Mama Calm (sold separately) for extra moisture

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HATCH MAMA is all about the mamas of the world. Founded in 2011 by mother of two Ariane Goldman, the brand was born out of a desire for something chic and elevated for mamas-to-be. HATCH MAMA is devoted to providing non-toxic, mama-safe, feel-good beauty designed to help mamas everywhere overcome the challenges unique to pregnancy. They're here to face the stretch marks, the thinning hair and the sleepless nights with you.

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