TUTU 1L 워터 보틀

brand: bkr
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1L glass and silicone water bottle. BPA, 프탈레이트 무함유. 쏟아지지 않도록 작은 오프닝. 대부분의 컵홀더에는 사용하실수 없습니다. 식기 세척기 윗 선반에 사용 가능. 얼리거나 전자렌지에 넣지 마세요. Revolve 스타일 번호 BKRR-WA4. 제조사 스타일 번호 PKTTUPB S32HT.

In 2011, best girlfriends Tal Winter and Kate Cutler launched bkr with a focus on one main concept which in their minds was Beauty 101: drinking water is the foundation for soft, dewy, pretty skin. The clean, addictive, cult favorite, small-mouth, original glass water bottle was sustainable and eco at its core, but it also made drinking water blissful and easy for a change, and people started noticing. A growing obsession with the pretty little bottle resulted in reports that people were finally truly hydrated and, as a result, they were looking and feeling better. And, as it's said, the rest is history.