Casa Clara

brand: Casa Clara
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Gold-tone metal with cowrie shell charms. 원산지: 중국. 경첩잠금. 약 2"의 드롭.지름의 길이는 약 1". Revolve 스타일 번호 CCLA-WL112. 제조사 스타일 번호 PRIMA.

Casa Clara's exceptional beaded & wood pieces are handmade by mother-daughter team Arcelia and Lizzy in Mexico. When they first started, it began as a mother-daughter-father business, but has since turned into employing 7 different women in their community - most of whom have never had jobs before. Besides using sustainable products, Casa Clara tries to do most of their work with women's groups around the world. Their other unique pieces are made in China, Bali, and Africa, and are 100% fair trade. They believe in sustainable, responsible trade practices and relationships, and put their artisans first in order to support their livelihoods and uplift their communities.