brand: PISTOLA
Coated Sapphire
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68% 면, 20% 폴리에스테르, 9% 레이온, 3% 스판덱스. 원산지: 멕시코. 손세탁. 지퍼와 단추잠금. 5-포켓 스타일링. 코팅 데님원단. 무릎부분둘레 14", 바지밑단 둘레 15". Revolve 스타일 번호 PSTL-WJ237. 제조사 스타일 번호 P00016088FN.

PISTOLA is a premium denim label offering contemporary ready-to-wear collections designed with the modern woman's independent spirit in mind. Founded in 2013 by industry veteran Grace Na, Pistola skillfully blends expert cuts with a streetwise sensibility. Designed in California, PISTOLA garment is meticulously crafted, elevating everyday material with precise fits and utilitarian style edge, to give women thoughtfully designed classics as wardrobe essentials to live in. PISTOLA stands by the guiding principle that high-quality denim is for everyone, forever.