Peony Swimwear

brand: Peony Swimwear
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60% 오가닉 면, 40% EcoVero 비스코스. 원산지: 중국. 손세탁. 오픈백과 매듭 잠금. 소맷단이 있는 블루종 소매. 신축성있는 고무줄 밑단. 가벼운 리넨 원단. 제품이 세트로 판매되지 않습니다. Revolve 스타일 번호 PEOR-WS6. 제조사 스타일 번호 0621_R068_CIT.

  • 모델이 입고있는 사이즈: Aus 8/US S.
  • 모델 치수: 신장 5'9", 허리 24.5, 가슴 32, 엉덩이 35
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Discover Peony, the luxury sustainable swimwear brand named after the bloom that signals the beginning of summer. A life-long love affair with the ocean gave Peony its authenticity and purpose. Its thoughtful collection of swimwear and resortwear is an essential for a sun-drenched escape to paradise, inspiring confidence and joy with each wear. As the leading new guard in the next generation of conscious fashion, Peony champions sustainability and is the eco-pioneer in the swimwear category. All Peony pieces are made entirely from recycled and sustainable fabrications - this includes all printed fabrics, custom textured fabrics and even it's inner linings. Peony develops its own custom sustainable fabrications and textile prints in-house exclusively, proving sustainability is aligned with luxury.

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