Reike Nen

brand: Reike Nen
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소 가죽 갑피와 고무 밑창. 원산지: 대한민국. 뒷면 지퍼 잠금. 뾰족. 약 65mm/ 2.5인치 힐.약 205mm/ 8인치 몸통. Revolve 스타일 번호 RNEN-WZ66. 제조사 스타일 번호 RN4-SH036.

Birthed in Seoul, Reike Nen produces a blend of shoes & accessories since 2010. Deriving from the designer Yoon Hongmi's name, Reike Nen represents fluidity, where all are accepted independent of nationality, sex, and age. Every season is reinvigorated by a touch of new expressions while staying true to the classic and timeless. Hongmi's inspiration stems from novels, films, vintage, traditional craft, and unprocessed natural materials. The juxtaposition of regular and irregular, flexible and inflexible, raw and processed are reflected in the works of each season, and therein lies the motto of Reike Nen, 'Contemporary Refinement'.