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brand: HAIGHT.
Off White
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겉감: 96% 폴리에스테르, 4% 엘라스탄.안감: 87% 폴리아미드, 13% 엘라스탄. 원산지: 브라질. 손세탁. 패딩 없음. 한쪽 어깨 스타일링. 바디 컷아웃. 저지 원단 질감. Revolve 스타일 번호 HGHT-WX140. 제조사 스타일 번호 1001007.

  • 모델이 입고있는 사이즈: S.
  • 모델 치수: 신장 5'10", 허리 24.5, 가슴 34, 엉덩이 34.5
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Founded in 2015 by Marcella Franklin in Rio de Janeiro, HAIGHT. - pronounced "height" - aspires to pave a new path in Swim and is deeply rooted in authenticity. Through non-traditional pieces, they trace a path beyond the water, with styles that are able to move through different environments. Embracing the body, HAIGHT. pieces are of minimalist, yet elegant, modeling. Designed to suit different situations, climates and occasions, the pieces have a sophisticated finish and value the natural beauty of those who wear them, while providing comfort and mobility.