DEMI 85 샌들
Alexandre Birman

brand: Alexandre Birman
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  • 가죽 밑창이 있는 메탈릭 뱀 무늬 가죽 갑피.
  • 원산지: 브라질. 발목 버클 스트랩. 뾰족. 고무 탭 굽. 약 83mm/ 3.25 인치 힐. Revolve 스타일 번호 AEBR-WZ141. 제조사 스타일 번호 B3570300100001.

    Alexandre Birman was destined to create beautiful, handcrafted shoes. A native of Brazil, Birman was born into a family that has started working with shoes at the South American footwear market since the 1970's. He designed his first shoe at the age of 12, which was the very beginning of an illustrious career in the family business for him. The Alexandre Birman brand was born of a love for this process - his understanding of strong construction, the use of exquisite materials and his eye for aesthetics. Inspired by the brand's rich Brazilian tradition, each collection is infused with spirit, sensuality and sophistication.