The Cotton Shop
Cotton Incorporated is the research and promotion organization supporting growers and importers who are stewards of the land. They realize choosing renewable resources that are also produced responsibly is complicated, and therefore are here to help.

The organization knows the difference cotton makes, because they’ve worked to change the impact growing has on the planet. From environmental research to recycling programs, to advances in agriculture and manufacturing, Cotton Incorporated has made a solid commitment to sustainability and innovation.

Every part of the cotton plant can be used to create resources beyond apparel, that are essential to everyday life: From home goods to medical supplies, to cooking oil, and animal feed. With a dedication to responsible production practices - cotton, The Fabric of Our Lives, is a fiber we all can truly trust.

Explore Cotton Incorporated’s sensory experience to learn more about cotton’s relationship with one of Earth’s most important and renewable resources: water. Cotton is a versatile, natural fiber that biodegrades in water, thereby naturally helping to save our waterways and not contributing to microplastic pollution.