Camila Coelho

brand: Camila Coelho
Orange Tie Dye
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겉감: 90% 폴리, 10% 엘라스탄.안감: 95% 폴리, 5% 엘라스탄. 원산지: 중국. 손세탁. 크로스오버 홀터넥 스타일의 프런트 매듭 클로저. 메시 원단. 고유한 워싱으로 인해 색상 및 패턴이 약간 다를 수 있습니다.. 제품이 세트로 판매되지 않습니다. Revolve 스타일 번호 COEL-WS148. 제조사 스타일 번호 CCS281 U21.

Camila Coelho's namesake collection is as bright as the Brazilian sun. The beauty and fashion entrepreneur wanted to create a label that reflects her roots: she was born in Brazil, and lived there until she moved to the States at fourteen. With bold palettes and sexy matching sets, her pieces evoke the feeling of lingering over a caipirinha in Fernando de Noronha or dancing in the colorful streets of Salvador. It's an elevated line for all the girls out there who dream big. More than anything, the Camila Coelho Collection empowers women to be both strong and glamorous; to take on the world in vibrant style, and have fun doing so.