brand: BEIS
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You need a backpack to do it all and more. The Expandable backpack is made of recycled plastic water bottles and can suit your every need- two hands available for travel is one of the most underrated luxuries backpacks so perfectly provide. Complete with a laptop sleeve, key leash, and water bottle pocket that can be tucked inside and zipped away. Once it's fully filled, it can be zipped open to hold even more. Over-packers rejoice.. 재활용 인조 가죽 트리밍이 있는 재활용 폴리에스터. 지퍼잠금. Expandable gusset. 지퍼로 잠글 수 있는 별도의 패딩된 노트북 주머니.지퍼로 잠글 수 있는 숨겨진 물병 주머니. 앞면의 지퍼 포켓 2개 및 1개의 키 끈.내부 핸드폰 포켓 2개. Trolley pass-through sleeve at back. 사이즈는 약 너비 13" x 높이 15" x 직경 6" - 8". Revolve 스타일 번호 BEIS-WY184. 제조사 스타일 번호 BEIS322155.

After countless trips and Shaycations, Shay Mitchell realized that she wanted to create amazing, affordable pieces for travelers like herself who are inspired to seek new places, meet new people, and share the world. BEIS - pronounced "base" - began with the promise to give everyone the opportunity to pack up their stuff and hit the road with bags and accessories that wouldn't break the bank. From the gym to Jaipur, BEIS will never compromise on functionality or looking selfie-ready cool.