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brand: Artis
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Touted as the best makeup brushes in the world. A curated set of Artis Mirror finish brushes, cleaning item, and storage option at a wonderful price just in time for Holiday Season.
Set includes: Elite Oval 7 Mirror Brush, great for distributing various makeup formulas including foundation, blush, highlight, contour, skincare
Elite Oval 6 Mirror Brush, a medium size brush that distributes many makeup formulas beautifully, such as highlight, contour, foundation, blush, and skincare
Elite Oval 4 Mirror Brush, designed for more precise application of eyeshadow, concealer, serum, eye primer, and lipstick
Elite Linear 1 Mirror Brush, designed to apply a precise line of product simply by pulling the brush across the skin. Great for lining above and below the eye opening, for defining brows, for lining lips, and creating graphic makeup statements.
Elite Circle 1R Mirror Brush, applies makeup product with more concentration in the middle of the application and feathered on the outer edges of the application area. Wonderful for creating highlight or depth precisely around the eye area, or covering spots/pimples, or precisely applying eye serums around the eye area.
Large Black Travel Case, is a generous size case that can hold Artis brushes and various cosmetic items to keep them safe during travel.
Brush Cleaning Wipes 30 count, a perfect and easy way to frequently clean your Artis brushes after every use. This formula wipes away makeup debris leaving the brushes clean and fresh and ready within minutes for a new makeup application.


  • All products included in the set can fit into the Black Travel Case
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  • Revolve 스타일 번호 ATIS-WU34
  • 제조사 스타일 번호 BLKBAGBUNDLE4
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  • Artis brushes just need to be placed and then moved around the area you want to cover in one continuous stroke without the need to lift off the skin multiple times.
  • This makes using the Artis brushes very efficient. Every stroke applies and blends in one fluid movement.

The Brush Cleanng Wipes: WATER(AQUA), ALCOHOL, PEG-7 Glyceryl Cocoate, PEG-60 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Dipropylene Glycol, PRESERVATIVE, Fragrance.* Disclaimer: Ingredients are subject to change at the manufacturer's discretion. For the most complete and up-to-date list of ingredients, refer to the product packaging.

Artis, the Latin word for "skill, method, technique," recognized that the entire category of beauty tools was based on an "artist-applies-to-the-canvas" premise - someone applying product on someone/something else. How different is the experience when the artist is the canvas? The answer is: a totally different beauty paradigm. Artis brought a disruptive perspective to the process of makeup self-application, to design and create a new category of beauty tools which enable a more intuitive, beautiful and ergonomic experience. Artis designs products that are both beautiful to handle and functionally superior to use, for a self-application experience that is graceful, meditative, and expressive, with remarkable results. The innovative makeup application tools deliver gentle control and efficient flawless application for a beauty experience that offers users both strength and softness.