brand: ALOHAS
Total Black
인공 밑창이 있는 가죽 갑피. 원산지: 스페인. 스프링 클래스프 잠금의 발목 스트랩. 가죽 안감. 지오메트릭 힐. 사각 발가락. 힐 높이는 3". Revolve 스타일 번호 ALOH-WZ38. 제조사 스타일 번호 S00042-25.

ALOHAS is a Barcelona-based fashion brand founded in 2015 to put a twist on the traditional Mediterranean espadrille. Since then, the brand has become the go-to on-demand option for fashion forward shoe styles. At ALOHAS, the products are designed and handcrafted by their team in Spain. ALOHAS focuses on enhancing footwear essentials by innovating and re-inventing their silhouettes, constantly on the hunt for the future trends and seeking to be part of them.

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