Adam Selman Sport

brand: Adam Selman Sport
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72., 2% 폴리아미드 27., 8% 스판덱스. 원산지: 중국. 세탁기 물세탁 가능. 패딩 없음. 신축성있는 밑단 밴드. 망사 원단 레이어. 뒷면 로고 디테일이 있는 레이서백 스타일링. 제품이 세트로 판매되지 않습니다. Revolve 스타일 번호 ASEL-WS31. 제조사 스타일 번호 16001PERAFFE.

Beginning his career as a costume designer, Adam Selman WHO is best known for his playful and sexy custom pieces has made a pivot into modern active and sportswear collections. The new Adam Selman Sport (A.S.S) offers a continuation of the playful and sexy spirit of his previous collections, now featuring a range of extended sizing and unisex options, designed to be inclusive in every sense. Selman displays a commitment to sustainability by focusing on the use of recycled fabrics, biodegradable packaging, and sustainable treatments and finished trims and labels.

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