7 For All Mankind

brand: 7 For All Mankind
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91% 면, 5% 신축성 폴리 원단. 원산지: 튀니지아. 세탁기 물세탁 가능. 지퍼와 단추잠금. 5-포켓 스타일링. 스트레치 핏 데님 원단. 무릎부분둘레 12", 바지밑단 둘레 18". Revolve 스타일 번호 SEVE-WJ1678. 제조사 스타일 번호 7U413550.

"Every person should own at least 7 pairs of jeans, one for every day of the week." - 7 For All Mankind. Changing the perception of denim from everyday basics to effortless statement pieces, 7 For All Mankind quickly reshaped the industry. Born in Los Angeles, CA, this denim brand gained a vast following for its innovative use of alluring fabrics and prints instantly becoming a favorite amongst Hollywood elite.